Rigid-Flex PCB, Prototype Service with 2 Layers

Rigid-Flex PCB, Prototype Service with 2 Layers

Rigid Flex Pcb, Rigid PCB, Aluminum PCB manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Rigid-Flex PCB, Prototype Service with 2 Layers, One-Stop Video Player PCB Assembly (PCBA) Service, PCBA High Quality Multilayer Printed Circuit Board / Assemble Circuit Board and so on.

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Among those famous rigid-flex pcb, prototype service with 2 layers manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional rigid-flex pcb, prototype service with 2 layers supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.

Product Description

Rigid-Flex PCB, Prototype Service with 2 Layers

The following is a list of the services and products we offer:

FR4 Printed circuit boards
1. Single Sided through 48-Layer
2. Blind/Buried Via Configurations
3. Heavy copper up to 10 oz
4. Control Impedance PCB
5. High Frequence PCB

Metal clad substrate technology
1. Single sided Aluminum PCB
2. Double sided Aluminum PCB
3. FR4+Aluminum mixed backed circuit boards
4. Copper substrate PCB

We also provide PCB assembly service and Buy components service to customer for saving time and money.

If you have the PCB file, we can make the PCB for you soon.
Please kindly send us your PCB files (Gerber/Protel/CAM/Eagle) for final quotation.

If you have not gerber file now, but you could got CAD or draw pictures,
We also could make PCB layout design for you.

These are only reference info, not the final prices and PCB images.
All PCBs are custom design.
How to get a quotation from us?

In order to enable us to make you a quotation, please provide me below information.

Rigid-Flex PCB, Prototype Service with 2 Layers

1. PCB Files
Please send me your PCB files in Gerber/Protel/CAM/Eagle or CAD or draw pictures.

2. Available PCB Base Material:
FR4 1.6mm, FR4 1.2mm, FR4 1.0mm, FR4 0.8mm, Aluminium 1.6mm or other

3. Available Copper Thickness:
0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz

4. Surface Treatment
Immersion Gold Over Nickle, HASL Lead Free, OSP

5. Available Colors for Solder Mask and Top Overlay(Component Legend)
Green, Blue, Red, Black, White

6. Your accurate address
One example of common specification for PCB is as below:
FR4 1.6mm, ROHS, 1/1oz, Immersion Gold over Nickle, Green Solder Mask, White Top Overlay
Quantity, And your address

Lead Time:
For small quantity prototypes, it takes about 3~4 days for us to ship the goods out.
For some hard PCB and batch production, it takes about 7 days for shipment.
For PCB assembly, it takes about 10 days for shipment.

Contact us
It em Manufacture Capability
Layers 1-26 Layers
Material Types Fr-4, Fr-5, High-Tg, Halogen Free,  Rogers , Isola, Taconic, Arlon  Teflon ,  Aluminum Based
Max. Panel Dimension 39000mil * 47000mil  / 1000mm * 1200mm
Outline Tolerance ± 4mil ± 0.10mm
Board Thickness 8mil-236mil
Board Thickness Tolerance mil-236mil / 0.2mm-6.0mm
Board Thickness Tolerance ± 10%
Dielectric Thickness 3mil-8mil / 0.075mm-0.20mm
Min. Track Width 3mil / 0.075mm
Min. Track Space 3mil / 0.075mm
External Cu Thickness HOZ-6OZ / 17um~210um
Internal Cu Thickness HOZ-6OZ / 17um~210um
Drilling Bit Size ( CNC ) 6mil-256mil / 0.15mm-6.50mm
Finished Hole Dimension 4mil-236mil / 0.1mm_6.0mm
Hole Tolerance ± 2mil / ± 0.05mm
Hole Position Tolerance ± 2mil / ± 0.05mm
Laser Drilling Hole Size 4mil / 0.1mm
Aspect Ration 12: 1
Solder Mask Green, Blue, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, etc.
Min Solder mask Bridge 2mil / 0.050mm
Plugged Hole Diameter 8mil-20mil/ 0.20mm-0.50mm
Impedance Control V-scoring ± 10%
Surface Finishing HASL, HASL(lead Free), Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP, Hard Gold( up to 100u" )

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