Prototyping Flexible PCB And FPC Board Assembly

Prototyping Flexible PCB And FPC Board Assembly

Quick Details: Place of Origin: SZ,GD,China Manufacturer: Rigao Electronics Services Code: RG-002 Product Name: Prototyping Flexible PCB and Fpc Board Assembly Board material: PI Board thickness

Product Details

Among those famous prototyping flexible pcb and fpc board assembly manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional prototyping flexible pcb and fpc board assembly supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.

Quick Details:

Place of Origin: SZ,GD,China
Manufacturer: Rigao Electronics
Services Code: RG-002
Product Name: Prototyping Flexible PCB and Fpc Board Assembly
Board material: PI
Board thickness: 0.12mm 
PCB Layers: 2 layers
Copper thickness: 1oz
Surface finishing: ENIG
Solder mask: BLACK
Silk screen: WHITE
Min line width: 0.1mm
Min line spacing: 0.1mm
Min hole size: 0.2mm
Impedance control: No
Buried and blind holes: No
Special process: No

Packaging & Shipping 

Packaging Details: inner Anti - static bag, vacuum packing Outer-corrugated export carton

Delivery Detail: two weeks after we receive customers' payment


 1 units






UL Cert. 


ISO Cert.

 ISO9001 :2008






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2,Annual Meeting and rewarded for outstanding employees

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Customer Visiting

The following questions are often asked from our clients, we sum it up for our new customer and if you have any more question please contact us:

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: We accept any quantity you want to order, prototype and mass production both are welcome.

Q: What do you need for quotation?
A: We need six informations from you as following show:
- Material:
- Board Thickness:
- Copper Thickness:
- Surface treatment:
- Gerber rle or other PCB data hle:
- Quantity:
For PCB assembly, we need BOM of components.

Q: Can you provide reverse engineering?
A: Yes, we do this service and we call it PCB or PCBA clone/copy,we just need the sample from you.

Q: Do you have your owr products?
A: No, we just do the customized PCB and PCBA prodution, also PCB/PCBA design is welcome.

PCB Design:

For PCB and PCB Assembly board design, clients need provide the following info to us:
(1)Mechanical Drawing of the Board.
(2)Schematics or Net list.
(3)BOM (Bill of Materials).
(4)preliminary Layout Instructions(SOW with Electrical Constraints).
(5)Product Requirements(Certifications,Standards,etc.).
(6)Deliverable Items Required.
(7) Schedule Needs.

If you don't have the upper information, please see following:
1. description of idea
2. detailed function
3. pcb application environment
4. pcb certification requested
5. drawing of enclosure/box
Please contact us if you need any pcb and pcb assembly design, layout, we will reply back as soon as possible.

Followings are our PCB  and PCB assembly production's application description:

1.  The PCB of automobile electronic industry:
In the automotive electronics industry, RIGAO will use more advanced electronic technology to design engine and safety control system, in the navigation, audio system, LED lamp, electronic lock, parking radar system and motor controller as well, the main use of multilayer board, high density board, iron plate board, aluminum pcb board, and other advanced
PCB to meet the above requirements. RIGAO work with automotive electronics manufacturers and design company has many years experience of cooperation, can provide PCB in your car products really need you.

2.  The communications industry PCB board:
Ultra thin, small volume, multi function has become the trend of development of the communications industry, at the same time, the demand for PCB is also more and more. RIGAO have  come into PCB board used in the communications industry for many years of production xperience, we can quickly meet your whether special material or special technology needs. Such as high PCB, high Tg PCV, high density PCB, Teflon PCB, gold PCB and other advanced.

3.  Digital electronics industry PCB:
In the past few years, we have produced hundreds of applications to the digital industry PCB, so we have a wealth of experience, to meet you in a different time of digital product requirements.

4.  Industrial electronics industry pcb circuit board:
RIGAO provide customers with not only PCB, but also provide various service related with PCB. As long as the customer needs we will make every effort to meet, for example, quick turn sample run, prototype of service etc.. We can provide services for the rapid production of 24 hour, engineering problems related to PCB will reply within 2 hours, the fastest offer in 4 hours.

5.  Security industry in circuit board products:
RIGAO provide various applications in the electronic circuit of the security industry board, such as flexible circuit board, mulitlayers pcb, the metal substrate, HDI board. Our pcb board used in CCTV display, wireless alarm system, and other electronic security products field.

6.  LED PCB:
We provide different kinds of LED circuit board, LED aluminum plate, high power thick copper plate, ceramic plate, FR4 board of low power LED, high temperature of circuit board. Because the aluminum substrate with good heat dissipation, high power LED products will be the use of aluminum substrate.

7.  LCD PCB:
PCB board we produce be used in various different sizes of LCD, such as the mini LCD, 65 inch TV. We are fully in accordance with IPC standard to make the circuit board, but also conforms to the ROHS standard.

Packing & Shipping

We use K=A professional export cartons for all pcb and pcb assembly board packing, it will protect our production carefully and this cartons is not easy extrusionforming. Vacuum packing will protect each pcb and pcb assembly board, PE foam lean on inner wall of export carton.

Our Services:

We can provide the following services:
Fully Electronic Manufacturing Services(EMS):
1. PCB Assembly: SMT, THT/DIP, BGA, COB soldering.
2. PCB Manufacture: 1-64 layers, Buried & Blind via PCB, Imdepence PCB, Highfrequency PCB, FR-4, Flexible PCB, Flex-rigid PCB, Aluminium PCB.
3. PCBA Testing Jigs: PMMA, Automated & Manual Tooling.
4. Design: we need a idea or schematic diagram for PCB & PCBA design.
5. Copy & Clone: PCB and PCBA copy, we can provide you gerber file and BOM file after we done.
Welcome all kindly of pcb and pcb assembly business for inquiry, we will feedback to you soon.

2014 is the year most of the soft-mill harvest, the total output value reached 12.5 billion US dollars, annual growth of 10.5%. 2015 commodity prices (especially copper) fell sharply, greatly reducing PCB plant raw material costs and help profits rise.

Mobile phone screen size is large, require larger FPCB. But the smart phone market slowdown, recession tablet PC, 2015 FPC market growth of 8.6%.

2014 euro, and the yen have devalued the NT, but won the appreciation not only a serious blow to South Korean soft-mill competition, but to cut the profits of manufacturers. All South Korean PCB manufacturers in revenue and profit margins are declining. For example: Flexcom revenue instep  50%, Interflex revenue also fell 33%, operating margin instep to -14.2%, the power of the currency war is evident.

Benefit from the currency devaluation, Taiwan and European manufacturers profit soared; but Japanese plants due to the production base in overseas, has not benefited due to currency devaluation, but still better than the Korean businessmen.

Downstream market, in 2014 the biggest change is the hard drive market (HDD), and finally see the losing streak in three years growth, the global HDD shipments amounted to 564 million units, an annual increase of 2.4%.
Previously, the industry has always been solid state drive (SSD) is more optimistic, rather than HDD, SSD prices remain high in fact, a tablet computer market downturn, and notebook computers, following three years of sluggish return to growth. At the same time, SSD development and not restrict HDD, as well as the emerging Internet economy era of big data spurred demand for servers and HDD.

HDD will continue to be the mainstream in the next three to five years, in 2019 shipments expected to reach 621 million units. 2014 Apply to HDD-based soft board manufacturers in Japan did very well. For example: the flag wins (Mektron) revenue grew 28%, operating profit margin of 8.7% (previously -10.6%); Nitto Denko (Nitto) revenue also rose 31%.

South Korean and American manufacturers competitive dropped significantly. A strong dollar makes MFLEX revenue fell sharply. NT helps disadvantaged Taiwanese strong growth, significantly reduce the apple Korean businessmen orders, and in accordance with the principle of the nearest supply, distribution more orders to Japan and Taiwan manufacturers. Pottinger 2014 Hon Hai's revenue surged 60%.

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