Professional SMT Soldering Custom PCB Fabrication

Professional SMT Soldering Custom PCB Fabrication

Custom PCB Fabrication

Product Details

               Professional SMT Soldering Custom PCB Fabrication 

Rigao Indtroduce:

Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Rigao Electronics is privately held Shenzhen Corporation,dedicated in providing electronic engineering and manufacturing services. After several years of development,Rigao has become an international provider of solutions in three principle areas: Printed circuit board procurement, PCB assembly procurement and component procurement and Flexible flat cable, FPC flat cable connectors.  As an experienced PCB and PCBA manufacturer,we provide prototypes,small volume projects, medium volume projects and large volume projects. We are able to maintain a complete service system with comprehensive technical backup as well as cost advantage and scheduled delivery.

Custom pcb fabrication Type:

 Rigid PCB (up to 22 Layers),
 Flexible PCB/FPC (1~6 Layers),
 Rigid-Flex (2~10 Layers),
 Aluminum-based PCB (1~4 Layers),
 High Density Interconnection/HDI PCB,
 High frequency material PCB


Quality Control for Custom pcb fabrication:  

Electrical testing    Flying Probe TesterY
Controlled Impedance  Tolerance±10%
 Impedance testerTektronix TDS8200
Routing  End Mills Test± 0.006"(0.15mm)
  CNC Tolerance±0.004"(0.1mm)
  V-Cut Depth V-cutFR-4(1/3+-0.1mm);FR-1,FR-2,CEM-1,CEM-3(1/2+-0.1mm)
  V-cut angle V-CUT  15°,18°,30°
  V-CUT  line,hole,V-shape

Certification of custom pcb Fabrication:


FAQ for Custom PCB Fabrication
For PCB assembly, we need BOM of components.
Q: Can you provide reverse engineering?
A: Yes, we do this service and we call it PCB or PCBA clone/copy,we just need the sample from you.
Q: Do you have your owr products?
A: No, we just do the customized PCB and PCBA prodution, also PCB/PCBA design is welcome. 

Package and express of pcb Fabrication:

Picture of  Custom PCB Fabrication:


Among those famous professional smt soldering custom pcb fabrication manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional professional smt soldering custom pcb fabrication supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.
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