Zhejiang University To Enable High-end Record Passenger Space

- May 03, 2016-

Zhejiang University enabled 22 "Cookie record passenger space" for tinkering with the hardware off their record is very attractive: 3D printer, laser engraving machine, high-precision circuit board production is ...... total value of about $ 1.5 million advanced equipment free of charge.

Enter technology, marine aquatic toxicity analysis team six Zhejiang University student team first entered the area of 450 square meters, from the old warehouse converted record passenger space. Main research brain wave control apparatus Enter the person in charge of Science and Technology Yi Hao Xiang said that currently the majority of record passenger space only venue, the team settled in to do the basic software development, such as providing diverse, a passenger space in high-end hardware is not much Universities see.

Reporters on the scene, each team has its own station, equipped with an oscilloscope, signal generator source, multimeter and other instruments, but also to receive electronic components and chips.

It is understood that the customer create space by the Zhejiang University Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science preparation, open for all students. Zhejiang Institute of Experimental Teaching Center for Health and instrument the person in charge, a passenger space should be like a toolbox, so innovative thinking into reality, students "Knowledge and Action" spirit.

It is understood that the passenger space is also hired a record of internal and external innovation and entrepreneurship education experts, success and alumni, as the venture capital business mentor who regularly come to the guide, help. The next will be held in the open class, road shows, theme salon.

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