Yuan Tai Developed A High-resolution Electronic Paper Display

- May 26, 2017-

Smartphones and tablets, and electronic devices across the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

According to Kazuhiro Ogawa, deputy general manager of Japan's display company, the low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) backplane technology of the Japanese display combines the low-power, clear and readable display features of E Ink's paper to successfully develop high-resolution Electronic paper display. The technology breakthrough, not only to the Japanese display business scope to expand beyond the LCD display of new areas, but also open the opportunity to cooperate between the two companies will help customers develop innovative electronic paper products.

This combination of LTPS backplane and E Ink electronic paper high-resolution display module, has been in the United States SID 2017 show in the Japanese display booth public appearance.

In addition, the yuan too in the SID also shows the latest electronic paper technology and product applications, the main items include: 20-inch advanced color electronic paper (Advanced Color ePaper; ACeP) display, free splicing, color saturation than published in 2016 The version was significantly improved.

Yuan Tai also demonstrated the application of the QuirkLogic Quilla device, the world's first networking-enabled electronic paper digital whiteboard (eWriter) 42-inch electronic paper display, and with the Global Display Solutions (GDS) to develop the electronic paper display module group.

In the innovative electronic paper display materials and technology, the yuan too show the E Ink Prism variable color electronic paper, E Ink Spectra three-color electronic paper. There are also the latest e-book readers; wearable devices: including Withings Go health tracking and booster, Sony FES electronic paper fashion watches.

Yuan Tai since 20 years ago since its establishment, every year to participate in SID technology feast, Yuan Tai, chairman and chief executive officer Ke Furen in the 2017 opening ceremony on the ribbon-cutting. He said that the yuan too in the SID on the display of all the technology and exhibits, are specific to the future direction of the main development direction. Yuan Tai long-term commitment to the development of core electronic paper technology to help customers develop new products and new markets, and then change our world, so that life is more abundant.

Ke Fu Ren said that Yuan Tai's corporate culture and vision is out of the traditional display of the framework, can not be possible. He also announced that Yuan Tai in 2017 launched a new corporate vision: Creativity On Display, will work with customers to promote the electronic paper to achieve a variety of innovative applications.

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