Wuxi Lighting Approved The New Three Board Listing

- Apr 06, 2017-

April 5 news, the national SME shares to the system announcement, Wuxi Lighting Co., Ltd. listing 

application was approved, and today listed.

Announcement shows that Wuxi Lighting 2014, 2015, 2016, January-August operating income were 263 

million yuan, 222 million yuan, 1.21 billion yuan; net profit of 693.75 million yuan, respectively,

15.195 million yuan, 22,165,300 yuan.

According to the data of the new three-board research institute, the main business of Wuxi Lighting 

is the planning and design of various professional lighting projects. The contracting, maintenance 

and management of the project mainly includes lighting design, lighting construction and lighting ma-


Wuxi Lighting listed on the listing of the broker for the Ping An Securities, legal adviser for the 

Jiangsu high law firm, the financial audit for the Jiangsu notary Tianye Certified Public Accounta-


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