Wood Linsen To 4 Billion Acquisition Of Mingxin Photoelectric

- Apr 05, 2017-

wood Linsen to 4 billion acquisition of Mingxin photoelectric, plans to vote 1.287 billion new LED 

filament lamp production base

The company plans to make a price of 40 billion yuan to buy 100% stake in Mingxin Optoelectronics,

while not more than 10 specific non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds not more 

than 1.255 billion yuan, of which not more than 118 million yuan for Yiwu LED lighting applications

project, is expected to not exceed 75 million yuan for the reorganization of the relevant costs 

of payment. Yiwu LED lighting applications project to be in Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial Park, a new 

LED filament lamp production base, the project design capacity for an annual output of 22,917 

million, the total investment amount of 128,686.21 million. The project construction period is 

12 months, the calculation period is 9 years, the operation period is 8 years. After the 

completion of the project capacity gradually increased, put into operation two years after the 

production, that is, the third year of production, the yield of 96%.

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