Wood Linsen And LSG Signed A Business Agreement, To Be Funded More Than 5 Million Joint Venture Company

- Mar 21, 2017-

(Hereinafter referred to as "LSV"), LSG MLS JV HOLDINGS (LSG subsidiary, hereinafter referred to as "SPV") jointly signed the "GLOBAL VALUE LIGHTING limited liability company operating agreement" , The company will contribute US $ 4,900,000 (equivalent to approximately RMB33.84 million) with SPV to set up GLOBAL VALUE LIGHTING LLC, representing 49% of the Company's total capital contribution. In addition, in this transaction, the Company will acquire a priority of SPV share.

According to the announcement, LIGHTING SCIENCE GROUP CORPORATION for the United States LED brand 

lighting products, one of its major suppliers, including Home Depot, including supermarket stores,

 including its own brand sales channels, and LED as the only light source of the advanced, 

environmentally friendly , Sustainable and differentiated lighting design solutions, research 

and development and sales. As at 30 September 2016, LSG had a total assets of US $ 34,298,423, 

total liabilities of US $ 59,502,339, net assets of -25,203,916, LSG operating income of 

US $ 43,452,518 and net profit of US $ 7,036,244 for the three quarters prior to 2016.

By using this investment, GLOBAL VALUE LIGHTING will rely on LSG's strong sales network and 

customer base in North America and the company's operating advantages as a cost advantage for 

LED global manufacturers in North America and South America. In addition, the foreign investment 

in line with the company's development strategy, through the LSG, SPV signed a business agreement, 

can effectively expand the company's overseas sales channels to promote the company's overseas 

business development, enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness, in line with the 

company's development plan.

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