Why Is Fiberglass Cloth Less Than Copper?

- Jun 07, 2017-

Why is fiberglass cloth less than copper?

1) fiberglass cloth electronic grade and industrial grade mismatch, market concentration to promote price increases. Over the past few years, glass fiber cloth business operations bleak, prices fell to a record high of 20% -30%, small factory production capacity to withdraw.

2) cold repair will affect the subsequent supply. Glass fiber manufacturers inventory close to the bottom, or even full sales of the whole sale. 2/15 glass fiber leading South Asia announced the beginning of a cold repair an annual output of 30,000 tons of yarn kiln, which lasted 3 months. 3) short-term expansion difficulties, expansion cycle for one to two years, mainly kiln construction needs a year and a half, once the operation is three to five years can not be discontinued; and manufacturers for the expansion of partial attitude cautious. Coupled with the impact of cold repair, looking forward to the whole year, in addition to Kingboard will expand 30%, the total production capacity of fiberglass can not be substantially increased.

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