UV LED Multiple Applications To Create Business Opportunities, 2015-2020 Compound Growth Rate Of 34%

- Jun 14, 2017-

Visible light LED applications become increasingly diverse, for the LED industry to bring a wave of new business opportunities. Among them, UV LED products continue to import curing, printing and exposure and other applications, there are Minamata Convention, saving and other policies to promote the promotion. LED industry research manager Wu Yingjie said that in 2016, UV LED manufacturers are still the main revenue from the UV-A LED, some manufacturers have crossed the light curing module market, to further expand the source of income.

In the case of UV LED packaging revenue, Japanese and Korean manufacturers sit tight in the top five, followed by Nitrid Semiconductors, Seoul Viosys, LG Innotek and USHIO / Epitex. Looking ahead 2017 manufacturers performance, South Korean manufacturers will publish a series of UV-C LED products, estimated to be a substantial contribution to revenue, revenue ranking is expected to re-shuffle.

Taiwan plant also because of the red light blue LED situation, the active layout of UV LED. Among them, Ronda launched printing and curing UV applications, this year will accelerate research and development, expand the source. In addition, the research and development at the end of last year and light together to create UV-C LED terminal brand Bioraytron, is expected this year's UV LED products will account for revenue accounted for three percent, the second half of the new UV-C will be listed.

According to LEDinside observation, UV LED according to the application point of view, mainly for UV-A LED used in light curing market, which in turn need to high radiation illumination lithography, high uniform light exposure machine application market most sought after. In addition, some special curing market demand has gradually emerged.

Thanks to the enhanced UV-C LED technology, LEDinside estimates that manufacturers will introduce UV-C LED products in 2017. Among them, the flow of water sterilization still need to wait for the time to mature, consumer products, air cleaners and air-conditioning products, static water sterilization and other markets, more opportunities to take off first.

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