Twelfth EAST Surface Mount Board-cum-exhibition Will Be Held

- May 16, 2016-

2016 EAST circuit board surface mount cum Exhibition (CTEXEXPO2016) will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center May 18 to 20 days. Show in support of the Straits economic and scientific cooperation center under the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association, Suzhou Cambridge Business exhibition, Taiwan Xiang Technology Consulting (Suzhou), Strait advertising exhibition, Guangdong News Convention & Exhibition Taiwan Chan Chao International undertaken jointly, will give the industry bringing the three-day exhibition event.
There are two main themes of the exhibition this year, including a circuit board / SMT exhibition wisdom and technology solutions and Industrial Automation Exhibition Wisdom 4.0, more than 500 exhibitors with a total exhibition area of 28,000 square meters. Exhibits professional and pluralistic, multi-activity, can look strong. CTEX Following last year for the first time together with China Suzhou Electronic Information Expo (eMEX) since this year to expand the scope of cooperation to jointly build China PCB manufacturing and electronics industry related event binding, thereby extend the industrial chain and expand the scale of the exhibition for exhibitors and visitors enterprises to create more business opportunities. Organizers estimated this year to attract more than 35,000 visitors to visit.

This year CTEX show has entered its twelfth year, in support of domestic and international circuit boards, electronics assembly and related industries, the East China has become an annual May Corridor important exhibition event. Hall plus recently Attractions and cultural characteristics of brands have entered, but also take the opportunity to visit the exhibition to increase the travel itinerary.
The exhibition CTEX spindle including PCB intelligent automated production equipment, advanced materials technology PCB, SMT equipment / materials, automation control equipment and peripheral parts, etc; electronic circuit-year planning seminar, IPC welding competition, IPC standard applications Workshops, new vendors product launches, PCB outstanding papers published, PCB manufacturing area show, the opening ceremony, welcome dinner, PCB bookstore, Golf tournament, raffles and other events, once again to bring the industry's most unique industry networking event.
Among the many activities, TPCA Taiwan Printed Circuit Association for the first time with IPC- Connecting Electronics Industries Association organized "IPC Welding Competition" tour of East China market, a closer look at the fine manual welding. CTEXEXPO2016 mainland electronics seminar on the theme "Electronic Manufacturing new opportunities to see from the trend."

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