The Total Size Of 570 Million Yuan In Jiangxi Unveiled Set Up, Exclusion Of 168 Million Investment In Public Light Lighting

- Jul 05, 2017-

Chuangfeng Yuqing Industrial Fund was jointly established by Yushan County People's Government and Shanghai Chuangfeng Capital. The purpose is to join the senior investment management organization in the United Nations to help Yushan local enterprises better dock the capital market, so as to further increase the Yushan County, Jiangxi Province To be listed companies and other high-quality enterprise investment efforts to attract more outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises and quality projects landing Yushan County, a strong impetus to the development of industrial clusters in Yushan County. Chuangfeng Yuqing Industry Fund will become Shangrao region's first commercial industry fund, the goal is to build the whole Shangrao City and even Jiangxi Province market operation of the Fund typical.

As one of the earliest institutions engaged in venture capital and private equity investment, Chongfeng Capital has been rated as China's leading PE institution TOP35 by the authoritative institution. The management fund has exceeded 10 billion yuan and over 50 investment cases. It has gradually developed into domestic Energy conservation and environmental protection and medical health one of the leading investment institutions.

It is reported that the Fund first plan to give priority to Jiangxi Zhongguang lighting investment 168 million for equity management and IPO, the goal is to build enterprises in 2018 to become the first private listed companies in Shangrao region. Yushan County, as one of the benchmarking enterprises, Jiangxi Zhongguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. landed in Yushan County in 2013, has become the largest domestic LED cast light manufacturing and design base, the products are exported to more than 100 countries. At present, enterprises are preparing for listing, construction of photovoltaic industry base in a project covers an area of about 500 acres, is expected to achieve annual output value of 10 billion yuan, tax 200 million yuan.

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