The Rapid Growth Of The North American PCB Business In March 2016

- May 09, 2016-

April 29, 2016, Illinois Bannockburn - IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries ® International released "Statistical PCB industry research report in March 2016 in North America" today. The report shows, PCB sharp increase in sales in March, orders rebounded book to bill ratio stable at 1.02. March 2016 total North American PCB shipments, compared with the same period in 2015, an increase of 10.3%; YTD shipments increased 6.1%; compared with the previous month, shipments grew 18.6%. March 2016 PCB orders, an increase of 10.5%; promote orders so far this year, an increase to 3.5% in the first quarter; compared with the previous month, orders increased by 28.1%. Ms. Sharon Starr IPC director of market research, said: "North American PCB industry in March outstanding performance, strong volume growth in sales and orders, and finally reversing the sluggish situation in 2015 since the first quarter book to bill ratio jumped benign area, so II. We can look forward to continued growth in the quarter. "

Full report "North American PCB industry research statistics report in March" will be published next week. Report detailed other important real-time sales data, orders rigid PCB and flexible PCB and the respective book to bill ratio, as well as military, medical condition of the growth of the market, and so the demand for the model. Data interpretation book to bill ratio is the ratio of the project with the participation of IPC survey sample orders in the past three months divided by sales over the same period, to get. The ratio exceeds 1.00, indicates that the current demand exceeds supply, indicates that the development of the next three to six months, sales will increase in the trend. Ratio of less than 1.00, it indicates that the current supply is greater than demand. YoY and YTD growth rate for the industry to explore the development trend of guiding significance. Ring data because by cyclical factors and short-term changes, we need to be treated with caution. Compared with the shipping data, order data change larger orders shipped between January and May change ratio is not so important, unless there are significant changes in three consecutive months trend. Reasons for change orders and shipments and understanding of the book to bill ratio change is equally important. IPC's monthly PCB industry statistics, data from a representative in the United States and Canada rigid and flexible PCB manufacturers provide regular sample enterprises. Monthly IPC publishes the PCB and PCB book to bill ratio statistics project reports. Monthly Statistical Report will be published in the last week of the following month.

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