Texas Engineering Uses LED Bulbs To Replace The Traditional Lighting Causes

- May 23, 2017-

    1, LED bulb shape will change. In the past, traditional ceiling lamps, downlights, grille lights, etc., have a fixed size, because the traditional light source angle of light, and LED bulb light is a light-emitting, so the shape can be changed, LED bulb manufacturers in the production can be considered more suitable for ergonomic and life taste of the shape, LED bulb appearance will be more stylish, more personalized style.

    2, the installation method is different from the traditional lamps. Now the interior decoration style is different, most designers are in the pursuit of light not see the light of the lighting effect, more simple installation will benefit the consumer, which than the installation of the way the ceiling, Japan's LED ceiling Way, instead of the Chinese steel needle fixed way, more suitable for consumers.

    3, the lamp structure changes. The future of LED bulb lighting is not the more extravagant the better, but the simpler the better, the more able to DIY lamps more popular, such as LED ceiling lamp, some consumers do not buy the whole lamp, but buy some spare parts , Such as light, masks, power, etc., go home to do their own hands, that is, lighting and hands-on fun, therefore, the future of lighting fixtures, such as cooling modules, light distribution components will form a unified model, Free combination.

    4, the cost of lighting changes. LED bulb lamp after so many years of development, has been developed in the technology more and more mature, the upstream cost is gradually reduced, but compared to traditional lighting, the cost is too high, so the money will give birth to a A large number of professionals and technology to solve this problem, such as color and color temperature stability, the production line of automated assembly.

    In today's market, LED mining lamp as a result of a huge energy-saving advantages, has been irresistible trend to become the mainstream of engineering lighting products, Chu Guan Electronics is the professional manufacturer of this product.

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