Test Switch Power Supply When The Oscilloscope Need To Go To The Ground?

- Jun 07, 2017-

When testing switching power supplies, it is often necessary to test the D-pole waveform of the primary MOS. The oscilloscope power cord used at this time can not be used with three connectors (that is, with ground), or the oscilloscope to use isolated power supply. In the absence of an isolated power supply, if the oscilloscope's power cord is connected, it will blow up. As shown in the figure below, the ground of the oscilloscope probe and the ground of the power cord are connected together, and the power supply ground and the zero line are actually connected to the power plant. If the probe ground clip is connected to the negative pole of the capacitor and D1 is turned on at some point, there is only one forward diode between the ground wire and the line of fire, that is, there is only one forward diode between the zero line and the line of fire. Will happen fried machine.

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