TE Connectivity Introduces LUMAWISE Driver LED Bracket

- May 16, 2017-

  TE's LUMAWISE Driver The LED holder Z50 is suitable for rail and point light sources because it integrates a 48V DC-powered constant current LED driver and is compatible with TE's popular 50mm diameter Zhaga LUMAWISE LED mounts for COB LEDs. Until recently, most LED drivers have been placed in separate boxes, usually larger than the lamp itself, mounted on the side of the illuminator and away from the COB light source. This configuration requires wiring between the light source and the drive, creating design and manufacturing complexity for the designer. TE's new holders reduced complexity and provided more flexibility for lighting design.

  TE is developing multiple versions of the LUMAWISE drive LED bracket - a simple on / off mode, 0-10V dimmable, and a version with digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) dimming. All three configurations are available in 350mA, 500mA, 700mA and 1050mA versions of the 36V DC output. Each of these drive currents can use a common COB size of 16x19mm, 19x19mm, 20x24mm and 24x24mm, making the LUMAWISE Drive LED holder suitable for COB product applications from LED manufacturers.

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