Tap The Huge Potential Sharing Economy

- May 03, 2016-

Share information economy is a typical innovative model of economic development. In recent years, under the impetus of the "Internet +" "double hit" series of policies in Zhongguancun, Baidu, Jingdong, and 58 city and other large enterprises to share in the ongoing economic sectors for investment, speed up the building enterprise ecosystem; on the other hand, by Uber, Airbnb, drops, affecting the fast explosive growth, emerging entrepreneurs to share economic model.

In the technology-driven business innovation and development of the industry has become the consensus of the case, as the starting point of smart hardware "intelligent manufacturing" has become the development of advanced manufacturing to the current stage of the latest form. Innovation and entrepreneurship, innovative SMEs requires accompanying entrepreneurial chain, we DreamWorks with "agile manufacturing" as the starting point, gather intelligent hardware industry SMEs, with a full set of imported agile manufacturing equipment and years of practical operation experience of professional engineers, from the PCB system board, patch, welding, testing services to the whole of the prototype trial, before the production cycle from 15-30 days to 3-5 days; docking with the national laboratories, the company offers hardware rapid product diversification and product certification. Agile manufacturing by creating ecological chain, shorten product from the creative, landing to-market cycles. Meanwhile, DreamWorks view of the current intelligent hardware realm entrepreneurs specific demands and industry characteristics, around the intelligent hardware product ideas - design and development - prototype manufacturing - Publicity - sales lifecycle, providing the whole industry chain of incubation services for start-up team, shorten product from the creative, landing to-market cycles. In less than a year of operation, DreamWorks has been serving more than 100 enterprises, the entrepreneurial team, innovative enterprises to provide technical advice, resources, docking, prototype trial, policy advice, business planning, promotion and other services.

Around the "intelligent manufacturing" industry chain, we use "technology real estate technology services + technology + heavy financial" business model, by design - planning - complete service program operations, to create industrial parks have innovative features and international competitiveness, promote form a "service driven innovation, and innovation to create value" -oriented intelligent manufacturing industry cluster, accelerate "wisdom made" industrial ecological system. Currently, DreamWorks has been designed to focus on intelligent manufacturing operations of industrial ecology park, to solve quality problems as the starting point of smart intelligent hardware manufacturing industry supply side; the park has brought together national laboratories, high-end platform for domestic and foreign service providers , intelligent manufacturing areas of focus university institutes and technological achievements conversion platform, cutting-edge technology at home and abroad innovative high-tech enterprises, involving artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, landing enterprise value has reached more than 40 billion yuan. By building innovative services ecosystem, DreamWorks will drive even the Beijing Zhongguancun Intelligent Manufacturing industry to enhance the value of nearly 10 billion.
"Together innovation, sharing and win-win" is our philosophy that only the linkage more professional organizations and teams in order to create intelligent manufacturing industry, science and technology environment. Future, DreamWorks will strive to become the region's innovation-driven development "leader", and maximize the supply side of the driving effect of the reform, to continue to actively practice the "Made in China 2025" strategy for the capital to create a "global influential Science and Technology innovation Center "to inject new momentum, a new impetus for Beijing, Tianjin region overall industry linkage intelligent hardware, and services of intelligent hardware business team and SMEs, research and development and improve the overall level of China's intelligent hardware.

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