Taiwan LED Factory China Sales Subsidiary Watson Branch Holdings In 2017 To Fight The Operation From Loss To Profit

- Apr 24, 2017-

Taiwan-based LED manufacturers on the photoelectric yesterday (19) held a shareholders meeting, 

the company last year is still a loss to make up a loss of 2.453 billion yuan (NT, the same below),

 the shareholders will be through the sale of investment subsidiary Huaxin Branch shares, More 

than 5.981 million shares in the open market to the market price of the sale; this year with the 

niche products work gradually effect,

China is expected to LED industry out of the bottom of this year, but the blue and white LED will 

still face price competition, therefore, China has ended the production of blue LED chips, betting 

resources in the four yuan LED and infrared products, Blu-ray chip by the mainland chip production 

capacity , Although the market situation will not be bad, but the Taiwan plant to make money is not

 easy, by low-cost competition erosion profit.

The company stressed that the product transition is expected to gradually see the results of last 

year after-tax loss of 159 million yuan over the previous year's 266 million yuan convergence, this

 year will strive to operate from deficit loss, mainly in the resources placed high-margin products

, Base-type LED products include automotive, Internet of things and other high-priced market, and 

expand the existing product line to increase the development of invisible light products to develop 

new niche application market, to strengthen the four yuan and the profitability of the infrared 

product line.

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