Taiwan LED Companies In June Revenue Comments, Optimistic About The Second Half Outlook

- Jul 20, 2017-

2017 second quarter and the latest June single month Taiwan 8 LED chip business revenue year on year were slightly increased, mainly benefited from Jingguo and China on the same period of revenue growth. Crystal said the Q2 company's revenue growth is mainly due to the company's Blu-ray LED products and four yuan LED products to maintain high growth rate of shipment. Among them, Blu-ray LED products benefit from the expansion of the mainland packaging plant, the greatest contribution to revenue. LED is still showing a state in short supply, you can relatively optimistic about the second half of the revenue outlook.

LED chip industry in the second half how to see? Crystal power to give optimistic guidance: this year's expansion of production capacity mainly from San An Optoelectronics, Hua Can photoelectric and Australian Ocean Shunchang, production capacity concentrated in the 2 to 3 quarter. The market may have worried about the new production capacity of the industry supply and demand pressure; but from the latest expansion of the progress of this year, part of the chip manufacturers in order to fight for government subsidies, began to import domestic MOCVD equipment. Mainland equipment manufacturers lack of experience, the machine from the installed capacity to upgrade to the appropriate yield, need 3 to 6 months. Is expected to put pressure on new production capacity in the fourth quarter of this year, still optimistic about the second half of the industry supply and demand.

LED chip industry after shuffling in recent years, small factories gradually withdraw from the production capacity, leading enterprises emerge. If the expansion of the plan by the end of 2017, the mainland's LED chip production capacity of the global ratio will exceed 50%, is expected to triple the photoelectric and Huacan photoelectric global market share will rise to 22% and 13%, the world's first , Two. And San An Optoelectronics active layout MicroLED, gallium arsenide and gallium nitride new business, Huacan photoelectric active layout of new MEMS business, new LED chip leading new business will break through the ceiling, open a new market space.

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