Taiwan LED Chip Factory In 2016 Earnings Bleak, A Total Loss Of More Than 6 Billion Taiwan Dollars

- Mar 20, 2017-

According to the Taiwan media business Times reported that China's Taiwan LED industry last year, unable to escape the deficit pressure, the major units of the LED chip factory last year, almost all of the losses paid a single report, only light small earned 713 million (NT, the same below) Total LED chip industry in Taiwan last year, a total loss of more than 6 billion, the overall performance of the downstream packaging plant is still better than the upstream chip factory, earnings performance gap.


Leading plant crystal announced not allocated dividend, and held on June 21 shareholders regular, although the crystal has not yet announced profit and loss table, but according to the disclosure of public information observatory, crystal power last year net profit after tax 3.546 billion yuan, deficit The rate of expansion over the previous year, equivalent to a loss of 2 years to Jingguo current capital of 10.915 billion yuan, equivalent to 3.25 yuan per share net loss.


However, the second half of the second half of the loss figures, crystal power in the fourth quarter of last year, a small loss of 159 million yuan, equivalent to more than 95% last year, the deficit occurred in the first half, the second half through the order strategy and product portfolio adjustment, Yuan LED burst better than the previous demand, the proportion of revenue pulled up to 25 to 30%, the loss rate was temporarily suppressed.


And the new century last year also entered the transition period, but the LED chip prices are still in a downward trend, the transition process still can not escape losses, the new century after-tax net loss of 2.211 billion yuan, the loss rate after the crystal, After the net loss of 6.84 yuan, the loss of the previous quarter, the new century, the net value per share should be able to hold 5 yuan.


Four yuan LED higher proportion of light, China last year by a relatively modest amplitude, according to China announced earnings since the knot, China last year after tax net loss of 153 million yuan, the deficit has dropped by 42%, which on the Quarter net after the net loss of about 42 million yuan, down 23.63% over the previous quarter, also decreased by 54% over the same period last year, China on the current revenue of more than 9 percent to four yuan LED products, companies look forward to the iris identification, Sensing, automotive and other emerging demand driven, pushing up the company's business into a turning point.


Another metal chassis manufacturers can turn into investment light, because 40% of the proportion of revenue used in the four yuan LED, the product line presents a small variety of characteristics, support the company to maintain profitability operation, light is the only one Since the listing, never paid a loss of annual report of the LED chip factory.


A total of 2016 Taiwan LED chip factory total loss of more than 6 billion yuan, the loss situation than the previous year soared, mainly the chip price is still down, some specifications must even mention inventory loss of property, production, And the downstream packaging plant due to the procurement flexibility, you can purchase inexpensive LED chip, coupled with product line dispersion, to avoid a positive war with the land factory, earnings performance is better than the chip factory.

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