Taiwan-funded Enterprises In Taiwan Taizhou County, Taiwan And Other Rapid Growth In Revenue

- May 05, 2017-

Taiwan-funded enterprises in Taiwan Taizhou County, Taiwan and other rapid growth in revenue

Taiwan County in the first quarter revenue of 4.281 billion yuan, rewrite the same period the new high performance, the annual growth rate of 14.11%.


     Benefiting Apple iPhone 8 theme, legal people optimistic about the performance of the county, and said the first half of Taiwan's capacity utilization is expected to be better than last year, optimistic about this year's operating performance, that in addition to showing squatting post-jump pattern, also that this year's performance is expected Continue to record high.


     Taiwan Optoelectronics is the world's leading non-halogen substrate in March revenue of 2.094 billion yuan, an increase of 17.41%, an increase of 20.76%. And the first quarter of the same period in the same quarter revenue high performance, optimistic about the industry market conditions, and benefit from the rise of global environmental awareness, Taiwan Optoelectronics is expected to benefit the largest and other favorable conditions.


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