Taiwan-based LED Fundamentals Recovery To Be Observed By Subject Matter Blessing

- May 10, 2017-

Crystal Q1 per share loss of 0.26 yuan, mainly by the loss caused by losses. Crystal power last week, higher prices, mainly due to its investment in the new company nepine, foreign media reported Samsung intends to buy, phase in its Micro LED technology. Micro LED is the naked eye can not see the micron-level chip, low power consumption, high brightness; if the replacement of the current LED display technology mainstream, its dosage is quite large, can solve the LED industry upstream epitaxy oversupply predicament.

However, it is generally believed that Micro LED comprehensive commercial, but also several years time, mainly key technology will be a large number of micro-chip moving the yield, must be through the scale to upgrade, but the various manufacturers are in the development stage, only Sony And neptunium openly show this year's trial production.

Although the investment in neptunium theme, but the first quarter of crystal power is still a loss, mainly due to loss of up to 600 million yuan, dragging a loss of $ 0.26 per share after tax, a slight increase over the previous quarter. Crystal first quarter gross margin of 19.73%, better than last year's Q4 18.36%, reflecting the product price increase, prudent orders for the production of the results.

In the first quarter, the profitability of the Company was also improved. The operating profit on behalf of the industry increased by more than 1% over the same period last year. But also affected by the loss caused by earnings per share 0.71 yuan, lower than the previous quarter level.

Billion light is Taiwan's LED group, a few can still maintain profit all the way. Mainly because of its product line dispersion, a single product accounted for no more than 25%, and the other in the invisible light, small spacing display screen, mobile phone flash and other high price niche market, global share are good

Vertical consolidation plant Ronda April revenue came to 1.017 billion yuan, down 17.4%.

Ronda said the main product portfolio is still continuing to adjust, resulting in lower lighting revenue, if the time will be able to see the benefits of adjustment appears. Backlight part of the demand for stability, lock the high-end market, in addition to television, but also cut into high-resolution, high contrast gaming panel.

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