Suntak Global PCB Top 100 Continued Forward

- May 03, 2016-

2014 global manufacturer of PCB released a list of a hundred large, Chong income amounted to 1.59 billion yuan ranked No. 62. Suntak since 2010 entered the hundred largest PCB manufacturer rankings, ranking increased year by year, from 92 to No. 62, in just five years, it has become one of the world's most rapid pace of development of enterprises.

Global manufacturers list Baida PCB is through visits to research global PCB business after given by the president of NTI, the world famous PCB market research experts and industry development situation analysis report, Dr. Central Katsuo since 1998 global PCB industry research, this is the NTInformation published 16th edition of the NTI-100 report.

Faced with the slowdown in global economic development, Chong Dajian who is committed to providing the world's electronic information industry of high-quality circuit boards and timely and satisfactory services, and actively respond to challenges of the international market, continuously improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises to grow steadily, efforts contribute their efforts for the development of the world's PCB.

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