State Lighting Officially Landed On The Shanghai Stock Exchange, To Be Raised 117.78 Million

- Apr 05, 2017-

State Lighting officially landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, to be raised 117.78 million

Hengdian Group was state lighting Co., Ltd. (603303) 30 days in the Shanghai Stock Exchange 

officially listed. The issue of 6,000 shares, the issue price of 18.63 yuan / share. The total 

amount of funds raised by the Company is RMB111.78 million, after deducting the issuance expenses 

of RMB 76.2 million, the net proceeds are RMB104.16 million, which will be invested in the order 

of 110 million (sets) of LED lighting products Project, with an annual output of 1.16 million sets 

of LED outdoor lighting construction projects, lighting research and development centers and light 

experience center construction projects, to supplement working capital.

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