Shenzhen LED Lighting Industry Signs Of Picking Up

- May 24, 2017-

According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen currently has nearly 2,300 LED lighting-related enterprises, accounting for Guangdong Province, "half of the country" and the country's third of the industry, mainly concentrated in Baoan, Longhua, bright and Longgang four districts, including Baoan District There are more than 800, gathered in the state of science and technology, the joint photoelectric, crystal shares, Netac Intelligent Electric and other well-known enterprises.

In recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition, rising labor costs, Shenzhen LED business days is not better. Shenzhen LED lighting industry has a complete industrial chain, but most of the small and medium enterprises, most of the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain to package and LED applications, LED substrate, epitaxial, chip link is weak, low value-added products , With a variety of subversive technology, product after another, the traditional LED business production and management pressure go hand in hand, Shenzhen Jun more than Industrial Co., Ltd. a number of enterprises have closed down, dissolved. In the consumer more and more rational circumstances, companies want to strive for more competitive advantage, hold the customer and the market, we must find ways to win a place in the upper reaches of the industry chain.

In 2013, Shenzhen abolished the "Shenzhen LED industry development plan (2009 - 2015)", to some extent triggered the industry part of the pessimism, LED industry, annual product prices fell more than 30%. In 2015, LED lighting in the competition with the energy-saving lamps to win, but at the same time their own profits also suffered a ceiling, the whole industry fell to the bottom, the market appeared "to price or quality" debate, the bottom of the profits to promote the industry reform. At the end of last year, Shenzhen Zhongguang Industrial Technology Research Institute and Nakamura repair two laser lighting laboratory officially settled "Nanshan District," the father of Blu-ray "Nakamura repair two also said that the future of laser lighting will replace the LED lighting, which undoubtedly to Shenzhen's traditional LED Lighting business a harsh "warning": no innovation, it is equal to perish.

In 2016, Shenzhen LED industry embarked on the road of big reshuffle, they take the initiative to "create" into "intellectual", with innovative means to improve quality, production of high-end, intelligent products become the only way to survive, innovation and integration Become an indispensable attribute. On the one hand, a large number of backward, low-end production capacity, application segmentation trend is significant, small spacing display, automotive LED, mobile phone LED flash and other market segments of concern, and bio-agriculture light, light medical, communications, Disinfection and other innovative applications are becoming a new growth point and growth momentum, while the formation of a certain competitive barriers, special lighting, track lighting, medical lighting, creative display and other products to obtain a higher market premium, Shenzhen LED warehouse mining lights become energy Emission reduction industry doing my part, medical, health field may become the next point of attack. On the other hand, many companies focus on new products, new technology research and development, a number of enterprises assume the provincial and municipal scientific and technological innovation issues, and actively concerned about laser lighting, deep ultraviolet, CSP, intelligent lighting and other new applications. In addition, the LED industry as one of the key support of the state of high-tech fields, but also enjoy the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee "on the enterprise research and development funding to declare the work of the notice" up to 10 million yuan of research and development funding support. It is in a series of innovative quality of the big move, 2016, Shenzhen LED industry output value exceeded 170 billion yuan, ranking first in the country, there have been signs of warming.

However, there are industry insiders pointed out that the scale of Shenzhen LED industry is not the country, but large and not fine, the lack of leading enterprises, product quality remains to be improved. According to the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau announced the lighting products, lighting, lighting products and control equipment (including LED lighting, LED drive power) products, the latest issue of quality supervision and spot checks showed a total of 29 enterprises tested a total of 54 Batch products, substandard products have 11 batches, of which sampling (nominal) Shenzhen enterprise product 31 batches, 10 substandard products, unqualified items include marking, lamp interchangeability, external wiring, internal wiring , Creepage distance and electrical clearance, anti-electric shock protection, electrical strength, grounding regulations and structure, 20% - 30% of the failure rate can not be ignored, the quality of the industry is still worthy of attention. "China Quality News"

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