Shenzhen Flexible Circuit Board Industry Benefit

- May 04, 2017-

The core of intelligent manufacturing, is to achieve the production of high efficiency, quality, green, network, personalized, from production to the entire ecological innovation." Recently held the second "China Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Summit Forum "On the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economics Huang Qunhui pointed out that the most fundamental realization of intelligent manufacturing path is innovation.


Since the launch of "China made 2025" since 2015, in order to guide the "transformation and upgrading of the real economy," the state clearly the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, support efforts are also growing. This year, around the "gear", pushing "smart manufacturing". Guangdong Province, to cultivate 100 output value of over 1 billion yuan of advanced equipment manufacturing backbone enterprises, the formation of 20 output value of over 10 billion yuan of advanced equipment manufacturing industry cluster. Among them, Shenzhen proposed to build a world-class intelligent manufacturing highlands.


"No matter how big the goal, intelligent manufacturing to achieve the whole process to achieve the whole process, the whole industry chain, the whole value chain of intelligent change." China's flexible circuit board leading enterprises Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Xiaohua said that intelligent manufacturing is designed Innovation, product innovation, technological innovation, model innovation and improve product quality, improve manufacturing efficiency, promote the green manufacturing of the general line, on behalf of the manufacturing industry in the future. "Global manufacturing industry from the industry chain to the value chain of the allocation of resources and organizational innovation are calling for intelligent manufacturing.


In fact, in full swing "smart manufacturing", gave birth to a huge market demand. According to market research institutions data show that in 2015 China's intelligent manufacturing output value has reached 1 trillion yuan, by 2020 is expected to more than 3 trillion yuan, the average annual compound growth rate of about 20%. China has become the world's largest intelligent manufacturing demand market, will drive the robot, unmanned aerial vehicles, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, unmanned, VR, smart home and other related industries to flourish.

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