Sharp To Build New OLED Product Lines That Start Production In 2018

- Jun 28, 2017-

After Foxconn acquired Sharp, it endeavoured to recuperate the finance of this Japan-based LCD display maker and it succeeded. Sharp announced its first operating profit over the past three years early in April this year in light of Foxconn’s investment, as GizmoChina carried in its report. Now that Sharp announced the plant to establish new OLED product lines that would soon begin the manufacture of OLED panels, it can be seen as a sign of its successful revival.

The new OLED plants will be located in Sakai City, Osaka and the town of Taki in Mie Prefecture. To them, Sharp will pour an investment of JPY 57.4 billion (USD 51.37 million). The LCD giant will manufacturer OLED panels of several sizes for applications including TVs and smartphones.

To meet the OLED demand from TVs and smartphones, Sharp will soon begin the production in April-June, 2018. It is reported to mass-produce small and mid-sized OLED displays for smartphones and tablets at both new OLED lines and promote the development of large ones for TVs specifically at the Sakai plant.

In addition, Sharp, owned by Foxconn, will also continue its production of 8K ultrahigh definition TVs and collaborate with other companies in the chain for other applications. 

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