SelecTIng LEDs For Streetlights

- May 24, 2017-

The good news is that the price of LED lights has dropped to a much more attractive time for more attractive cities. In general, the percentage of LEDs in the total system is in the range of 50 percent a few years ago, according to the LED manufacturer. Today, the percentage of LED as a system cost is about 20 to 25 percent. This means that street lamp manufacturers are looking for other elements in their systems - optics, heat sinks and components - as cost drivers.

In addition to cost, one of the top specifications that any streetlight designer has to consider when selecting LED components is efficacy and meeting more stringent lighting standards. This should be coupled with LED platforms that offer a wide range of CRIs and CCTs in order to meet the exact requirements for the streetlight application. Other top characteristics include quality and reliability to ensure longer lifetimes and lower maintenance costs.

  For even more energy savings, these streetlights can be coupled with dimmable control systems. An extra benefit is a reduction in light pollution. In addition to the savings in energy consumption, the LED streetlights also provide better nighttime visibility and can provide a more “comforting” light for pedestrians.

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