Secret Of The First Domestic Large Aircraft C919 The Led Lighting

- May 09, 2017-

Secret of the first domestic large aircraft C919 behind the "lighting"

China's first international mainstream domestic large passenger aircraft C919 in Shanghai Pudong International Airport successfully fly, which marks the field of civil aviation a major leap forward. C919 to achieve the 102 key technology breakthroughs, "Made in China" bear fruit.


C919 for the Chinese business to fly the Shanghai Institute of aircraft design and design, this research has been designed to transport 10, ARJ21 and other civil aircraft. Shanghai Aircraft Design Institute of the C919 carried out a new design, using a large number of advanced technology.


The design of the C919 aircraft lighting, Fudan University, Department of Light and Lighting Engineering Professor Lin Yan Dan participated in the two major aircraft major project "large passenger aircraft cabin scene lighting mechanism research" and "large passenger cockpit lighting ergonomics research"; Professor Sun Yaojie, professor of light source and lighting engineering at Fudan University, participated in the joint project team of large passenger aircraft, and undertook the research on the man-machine effect, lighting control and simulation system of "large passenger aircraft cockpit lighting" and "large passenger cabin lighting".

C919 from the project to the first flight lasted 10 years, is China's first independent intellectual property rights with the trunk of civil aircraft. C919 large passenger aircraft large body will provide passengers with more space, while the use of efficient air filtration system to provide high-quality fresh air, cabin lighting with humanized scene lighting design, to the guests warm and considerate comfort.

According to reports, Lin Yandan as the International Lighting Commission Vice Minister of the fourth division and the Chinese state representatives, commitment to the National Natural Science Foundation, the national "863", "973" project lighting in the visual mechanism and dynamic control strategy research. International Lighting Commission is the fourth branch of traffic lighting and optical signals, the main research areas for the light health and wisdom lighting, on behalf of the state to develop national standards and international standards. Traffic lighting, including aircraft, cars, submarine lighting and optical signal lighting, involves a lot of areas, such as aircraft carriers, automobile manufacturing and so on. Therefore, this time to participate in the large aircraft light and lighting research.


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