Samsung LED Solemnly Denied The Withdrawal From The Chinese Market And The Sale Of Tianjin Plant

- Jun 22, 2017-

Tan, vice president of LEDinside said that the news is purely fictitious, the current Samsung LED factory in Tianjin, China, mainly to LED backlight and automotive lighting, automotive LED-related applications. Including LED packaging components, and LED module business, as the plant is equipped with a highly automated package and high precision SMT equipment, so Samsung Group has an important strategic position.

Not only that, especially for the Korean media mentioned "Samsung LED business situation deteriorating, resulting in Samsung Group will make a substantial adjustment" content, Samsung LED Tan, vice president also made a supplementary note. Tan, vice president of special clarification, the current Samsung LED business in two years ago has begun to profit.

In addition, he pointed out that, according to Samsung LED internal statistics, Samsung LED accounted for the global market share of LED has reached the world's second position.

According to LEDinsdie survey data, the current Samsung LED LED packaging components of the global market ranking, about the world's fourth or so. The difference between the two data is that revenue and statistical caliber for the calculation of different ways, but the Samsung LED in the global LED market position is no doubt. Especially in the future regardless of vehicle lighting, or even the rise of new technologies such as Micro LED, LED market demand for a considerable prospect, so the Samsung LED business in the entire Samsung Group, still has a strategic important position.


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