Samsung 150 Million US Dollars To Buy Taiwan Micro-LED Screen Manufacturers Nepine Create

- May 02, 2017-

With the potential acquisition, Samsung hopes to develop virtual reality (VR) devices and televisions based on micro-LED technology, the report said. Micro-LED is a new display technology, it is compared with the current OLED panel more energy efficient, more durable, but also has a higher color contrast.

Micro-LED in the near future to become the focus of industry attention, which comes from Apple allegedly consider the Apple Watch and other new devices on the use of this display technology, and eventually use it for the iPhone. Apple also acquired the micro-LED technology developer LuxVue in 2014.

Facebook's VR company Oculus acquired Irini InfiniLED last year to use micro-LED technology in its VR headset. Sony has also released a huge display wall based on micro-LED technology.

"Samsung seems to try to catch up with Apple through potential acquisitions," the news said. However, another news that micro-LED to be popular in the device, and in the long-term replacement OLED technology, at least five years.

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