Saida Initiate 1860 PCBA Union Car Networking To Change Of Weather!

- Dec 09, 2015-

Extra! Extra! Saida initiative launched by the United States of 1860 PCBA Union was formally established. This means that the car industry will usher in networked intelligent mirrors a note shockwave.
Saida few days ago announced a joint core 1860 based on dedicated Smart car rear-view mirror networking card program, the industry and strong concern. Saida move, not only the first of the 1860 scheme applies to car networking smart phone smart mirrors, bringing the six-core 4G card Revolution; and will significantly reduce the cost of car mirrors intelligent networking and sales price, will It will lead to market changes, and may even lead to reshuffle the industry.
It is reported, it has been widely applied in the Union before 1860 core chip 2A red rice millet produced mobile phone shipments of tens of millions. 1860 joint core chip has also been applied to large-scale industrial markets, product storage and operating temperature range of comprehensive than other mobile phone chips 0-60 degrees Celsius. Completely overcome the other phone chip cold fear of heat "princess disease"!
Saida It is not the first to break the industry rules. As early as three years ago, wound or solution provider of open source Saida decided to announce the cost as low as 485 yuan program, known as the "485 incident" within the industry. Faced with controversy and accusations Saida chairman Chong Liang said: "The benefits of transparency is to allow those who fish in troubled waters of the manufacturers to be eliminated."
Today, the United States has been successfully transformed into Saida vehicle networking systems service provider, into the whole industrial chain. With strong research and development, the United States and Saida formed a "hard and soft cloud integration" of product structure, large-screen Android smart cars, smart mirrors, SmartBox, CanBox and other product innovation. We can say that the establishment of the right time 1860PCBA Union.
Carrying momentum with the core of the 1860 program, the United States Saida integrated chip, mold, SMT, touch screen lens, wire and other manufacturers, set up 1860 PCBA industry alliance. Alliance can provide board, the male mold, touch lens, wire-stop professional services, high integration, service in one step, and even can be done under a single morning and the evening shipments.
A tiny piece of what the board can stir the pattern? We'll see.

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