Rumors: Samsung Will Acquire Mini LED Panel Maker PlayNitride

- May 02, 2017-

  PlayNitride is a start-up company dedicated to nitride materials and ways to use it. According to Baidu VR learned that the recent, the company will begin in the second half of this year to produce micro-LED chip, the technology is called "PixelLED". Industry believes that this technology can create the value of 150 million US dollars, at the same time, Samsung may use the technology for virtual reality (VR) areas. In the VR market, Samsung has been moving in the VR industry, perhaps the introduction of micro-LED will help similar to Gea VR and other mobile VR display technology upgrade.

  In addition, Samsung is still still invest in OLED technology and related applications. Samsung will continue to work in the OLED display line, and applied to the Samsung device, in this year's Barcelona MWC, Samsung Electronics has revealed new developments in OLED technology, including color for the blind no blue OLED display and no polarizer OLED panel, recently, Samsung is still looking for some industry partners.

  From another point of view, Samsung OLED display still remain confident, in the near future is unlikely to give up the technology, the report shows, PlayNitride MSI LED technology may also be used for future Samsung TV, but WeChat LED to It is still necessary to spend at least three years to gradually enter the market.

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