Ronda Electronics: Continuous Layout Of New Applications, Operations Focus On Profit Promotion

- Jul 06, 2017-

Ronda backlight products continue to develop high-end models, such as: UHD high-resolution panel, WCG wide color gamut products, high color saturation, HDR high contrast, ultra-thin surface TV panel, last year in the global notebook computer application market Accounting for up to 20%, TV application market share of 10%, customers in Japan, South Korea, medium panel factory and system factory; in the LED lighting market, Ronda in the price competition knockout to take the blue ocean strategy, , Will be light machine electric technology, hardware and software integration solutions, product design and other value-added services to provide customers, jump off a simple manufacturing model of low-profit.

Ronda Electronics said that the second quarter of the backlight business performance was stable, the company continued to high-end product development; in the lighting part of the first half has gradually strengthened custom lighting modules, integrated lighting and outdoor lighting applications, to Europe and American brand manufacturers; As for automotive products, the current closely with the car before and after the car market customers to develop the components and module applications, including headlights, taillights and interior lighting, Core series of high-power components can be used in Locomotives and car headlights, as well as high-speed rail headlights applications for the Ronda car LED series of the most competitive products.

In the high-end products, the proportion of Rise in the first quarter consolidated revenue of 3.14 billion yuan, operating margin of 437 million yuan, annual growth of 53.87%, consolidated gross margin of 13.92%, an increase of 5.54 percentage points, operating profit of 7661 Million, far better than the same period last year net operating loss of 48.17 million yuan, but affected by exchange losses, after-tax surplus of 110,000 yuan.

Su Feng said that this year's operation focused on the promotion of profits, profit this year will improve than last year.

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