Riyadh-won The-global LED Image Display Market Champion

- Mar 17, 2017-

LED display factory Riyadh, in the research organization Futuresource Consulting report, the first time won the global LED image 

display market champion. The current market value of the global LED image display market is 3.5 billion US dollars (equivalent to

 about 24.152 billion yuan), benefiting from a strong customer base, Liyard market share of 14%, jumped to the lead.

In 2016 the overall LED display market, Riard for the city accounted for the first manufacturers. Over the years Leah in the 

small pitch LED display has maintained a leading position, to 2016, in the large-scale LED video display market is also leading the 

pack, the growth rate of more than 30%, becoming the fastest growing manufacturers. Prior to this, Leiyard in 2014 accounted for 

5%, ranking fourth; 2015 market share grew to 11%, becoming runner-up.

Zach Zhang, chairman of the company, is proud to be the industry leader in such a rapidly growing market. The Group will continue 

to innovate and expand its Direct View LED display to meet the needs of the world. client needs. As the display scale continues to expand, 

Riard is also expected to continue to grow in 2017.

Riyad has also recently introduced new LED display, such as a new generation of ultra-small pitch direct view LED TV wall (DirectLight

LED Video Wall System), and TWS series of ultra-small pitch LED TV wall. Among them, the ultra-small distance from the LED TV wall 

has also been the European 2017 ISE show as the best products, showing a small pitch LED display is the current market, the most red 


And Taiwan manufacturers in the LED display supply chain, also plays an important role in the cross-strait and the international market 

there are a considerable number of partners, the future small gap LED display market, there are still a lot of market potential can be 


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