Promotion Of LED Lights In The Process Of Lighting The Road Has Two Major Difficulties

- Jun 06, 2017-

Nowadays, when you turn on the computer, enter the city lighting, energy saving and other key words, a section on the sale of street lamps and energy-saving products blowing; when you open the relevant magazine, an eye-catching energy-saving articles and pictures, one after another And some; said the article said the energy saving effect of more than 20%, more advertising that, as long as the use of its equipment, energy saving up to 35%, three years to recover all the investment. Advertising effect is eyebrows, but really so magical?

Because I am in the county-level city, all the peers and frequent cooperation units are basically county-level units, through the usual contact, they also suffer from all sectors of society, especially in all aspects of street lighting energy-saving equipment, Wrapped around the dead, some of the condescending, some are clever tongue, some is his god, put it hype. But according to our understanding of some have used or done energy-saving pilot street units, most of the social forces are forced by the relationship and pressure to use, energy-saving effect is not satisfactory, when you ask the real energy-saving effect Mostly in secrecy or care about him, the heart of the difficulties can be imagined, the author summed up the implementation of small cities in the street energy-saving products, "difficult":

    One is on the deal to be difficult Most of the energy-saving equipment is sold by all aspects of the relationship between households, no doubt, most of the leadership is out of the region's economic and public welfare development point of view, its starting point is good. Leaders speak, the grass-roots street lamp unit can not be long drag, dragged on for a long time, the leadership is not satisfied, but reluctantly on the energy-saving equipment did not achieve the desired results, the leadership is not satisfied, so can only take a vague strategy, Can not drag, the first pilot, and then can not drag, only bite the bullet on the.

    Second, the tender operation is difficult The general small city, and now there are tens of thousands of street lamps, street lighting control cabinet also has a hundred, would like to fully put into energy-saving equipment that have hundreds of thousands, one hundred thousand of the project does not pay the tender and can not deal; but open tender, Leadership fancy manufacturers and difficult to win, so the tender operation is difficult, even if the tender was successful, and who can say that the product is really good?

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