PI Protection Tape Industry New Breakthrough

- May 04, 2017-

"PI protection tape" industry new breakthrough

After a thick letter in Guangzhou and the core R & D team more than 2 years of efforts, PI protection tape in the domestic technology has a new breakthrough. Its products in the soft and hard board production industry has several unique advantages, as follows:


1, FPF-PB protective film series is halogen-free products, in line with ROHS requirements;

2, excellent pre-sticking and stripping (open cover) performance;

3, resistant, excellent heat resistance; high temperature, high pressure after stripping without residual glue;

4, for soft and hard PCB related processing: to improve the yield, streamlining the process;

In recent years, the researchers made PI protection tape product development, its complex structure is simplified, and the formation of three into the structure: the top is from the type of layer, the middle of the micro-adhesive layer, the following PI carrier layer. Its structure of this research and development of the stripping performance has been greatly improved:


1, excellent pre-adhesive performance, used in electric iron and fake paste machine technology;

2, excellent stripping performance, easy to peel, no residue;

The research team summed up the soft and soft plate soft area production is one of the applications of FPF-PB protective film through the experiment of rigid interval and flexible interval. Its role is as follows:


1, to prevent the board when the PP powder fell into the flexible area to produce indentation, cover film damage;

2, blocking the combination of rigid and flexible PP overflow rubber is too large to produce scrapped;

3, to prevent the mechanical control deep open cover milling soft board;

In February this year, "PI protection tape" in Chengdu production base for small-scale trial production, some companies have been in the assessment and use, after several months of adjustment, product quality has been stable. With the industry demand in June will enter the peak demand. "PI protection tape" to the industry's major customers to bring more choices, from changing the product to rely on imports of the situation.

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