Philips Plant Lighting Into The Russian Market

- Jun 22, 2017-

According to LIGHTimes On-Line, Philips Lighting in the Netherlands is intended to supply LED plant growth lamps for greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse, about 25 hectares (roughly equivalent to 40 soccer fields), for the Russian Greenhouse Agricultural Product Development Company LLC Agro-Invest.

Philips Lighting said the project is the largest plant lighting project they are undertaking, and the lights supplied will help plants grow throughout the year and increase production, especially in the winter. Compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamps, their LED plant growth lamps can save about 50% of the energy costs.

Philips Lighting will provide Agro-Invest with 65,000 1.25-meter Philips Green Power dome and 57,000 2.5-meter-long Philips Green Power Interlight. In addition, Philips will also provide lighting solutions and training services, the maximum to meet the growth needs of cucumber and tomatoes. Plant growth lights are installed in an end-to-end manner, and the full length can be extended to 223 km.

"Our company is known for its large-scale innovation," said Irina Meshkova, vice president and chairman of Agro-Invest. "The plant growth lamp will be the future direction of growth." Philips plant growth lamps provide plants with suitable light, especially in plants The amount of heat emitted by this lamp is greatly reduced compared to traditional lighting, which makes the installation of the lamp relatively close to the plant. "She added:" Thanks to this technology, we Improve the production of agricultural products in the dark years of the year, and greatly save the resources. "

"This is the world's largest LED plant lighting project," says Udovan Slooten, business manager for the Philips Plant Lighting Division. "The electricity consumed by lit plants will drop by more than 50 percent compared to traditional plant lighting, and it will use us Design of the lighting program to increase production, winter dark time during the agricultural production will increase by more than 30%. " He added: "Our plant growth lamp is the best complement to natural light during the day, and the plant is fully grown throughout the year. This project highlights the international development trend of plant lighting, that is, the realization of agricultural self-sufficiency instead of imports, Food mileage, to ensure the freshness. "

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