PCB Transition To High-end Imperative

- Aug 27, 2015-

PCB market is dominated by HDI, PCB products enterprises should actively adjust and upgrade.

Replacement of electronic products, keep the PCB HDI, package substrates and flexible PCB and other high-end products development, but the PCB is mainly in low-end products in China. Printed circuit information magazine editor-in-chief Lin Jindu reporters to the China electronics news, the current development of PCB market dominated by HDI boards, particularly for CSP IC substrate or IC package substrate fastest and have the highest added value, PCB products enterprises should actively adjust and product upgrades. In addition to speed up innovation and development, current development trends of PCB technology is mainly used in the production of laser technology and nano-technology, such as LDI laser direct imaging and the development and application of ink-jet printing, this will lead to major changes in domestic PCB enterprises should speed up layout.

In the PCB industry chain link, materials and equipment are also an integral part of, still face many challenges in this area. CPCA mentioned equipment branch, Yang Chaohui, PCB equipment instruments in China developed rapidly in recent years, but in terms of quality, stability, precision, there are still gaps. Mainly dominated by imported equipment, especially NC mechanical drill, laser drill machine, PCB Visual inspection machines. He further noted that the HDI PCB equipment industry are concerned about the future market demand, increase the intensity of research and development, tracking cutting-edge technology, high-end equipment breakthroughs. On the development of raw materials, CCL is still largely dominated by common substrate, meet the requirements of lead-free high-temperature laminate, IC load Board, high frequency microwave plate still mainly rely on imports. Ma Mingcheng, Deputy Director, said the magazine printed circuit information, PCB support materials corrosion resistant dry film and wet is the monopoly of power by PCB, chemicals are foreign brands dominate for a long time, should accelerate breakthroughs in these areas.

In addition to high-end link focus on breakthroughs in the industry chain, also need to speed up the reserve in the PCB industry techniques, such as printed electronics.

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