PCB Market Europe And The United States

- Jun 13, 2017-

Europe and the United States is weak, weak consumer demand for electronic products, the impact of the traditional PCB season, look forward to the second half of the year, Apple new models innovation, coupled with major brands to steal the end of the season, will continue to pour soft board, carrier board and HDI board needs ; Therefore, the overall PCB industry in the second half of the year, "eat soft do not eat hard", soft board, load mills and revenue is expected to continue to grow up.

      Hand-held intelligent products with strong demand for flat-panel computers, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers are exposed, especially HDI, soft board and other manufacturers in August reported better news. (2367) also has a history of the next high level, the performance is quite bright, legal person said that due to the end of the major companies will be the first to be ahead of the first quarter of the year, The introduction of new models to seize the business opportunities, and because of smart phones, tablet computers are widely used HDI, soft board and other products, the group is expected to remain bright in the second half of the results.

      In the second quarter in the PCB manufacturers, the most outstanding performance of the soft board, revenue growth of about 15-20% over the previous quarter, as the carrier board is affected by the impact of the earthquake, the quarterly increase of about 6 to 7% (8046) benefited from the CPU carrier board to improve the yield, mobile phone customer orders increased, driven by the CPU carrier board and packaging board growth, but also drive the gross margin back to temperature; but the other side of the hard board factory Jian Ding (3044) by the PC, TV sales as expected, the impact of photovoltaic panels and other product lines, the overall performance of PCB hard board factory as soft board.

      (6269) EPS to 2.79 yuan to win, a record high record, Jia Lianyi (6153) after-tax net profit of 591 million yuan to earn the most, while the Asahi Soft (3390) consolidated gross margin up to 30.56% ranking first, but the other side Yi Jia (2402) due to output efficiency and poor yield under the drag, the loss of the dilemma, the first half of the loss of 0.69 yuan per share after tax.

      In fact, the soft board industry has been oversupply in the past, so there speculative competition, but since last year, thanks to smart phones and other commodity demand warming, performance gradually shine this year, become the PCB industry, the most watched ethnic groups, even the (8213) in order to expand the product line, also decided to enter the main ring (3267), as Taiwan Table Branch (6278) also continued to invest with the Thai.

      Legal users said that not only Apple new products continue, the United States Intel (Intel) introduced Ultrabook laptop to become 3C market, is also the focus of the second half, Intel can sell and become a tool against the iPad, but also Taiwan's soft board, HDI board In the next year's performance focus.

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