PCB Industry Rally Strong Super Technology Steadily Implement Strategies

- Apr 25, 2016-

Into 2016, the international development of PCB industry is very tight, low profit era of electronic products, the price war has changed the supply chain. PCB industry because of the costs and downstream industries affected by the transfer, is gradually shifted to China. Due to the relatively low labor and land costs are concentrated downstream industries, China has become the most powerful development momentum PCB area. Chinese growth trends indicate that: downstream demand for products to promote the development of industry itself, industrial transfer from developed countries to China, these factors work together to promote the PCB began to develop high-end products.

Super-technology has always insisted on the steady implementation of a vertically integrated industry chain rolling development strategy, adhering to the "honesty, innovation, people-oriented, market-oriented" business philosophy, "market first, customer satisfaction," the operating principle of "fast pay goods and services, "the marketing strategy, the PCB industry to create national brand. Currently, the super technology is one of the few domestic PCB industry has vertically integrated industrial chain manufacturer, formed from the electrolytic copper foil, special wood pulp paper, CCL to more complete product line of the PCB. With the company's own deepening reform and constantly promote the prosperity and development of the industry, we believe that super technology will continue towards its strategic goals closer.

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