PCB Design Capital: Smart Bracelet PCB Design Considerations

- Jan 14, 2016-

First, partition layout, pay attention to alignment protection.

    As can be seen from the above PCB circuit board, each part of the circuit (different color block mark) Smart bracelet has a good partition: Because Smart bracelet is a digital circuit elements together, in the circuit design as long as doing supporting the resistance and capacitance distribution, you can complete certain functional circuit module, thereby making the circuit design more compact and easy to find. Although some sensor circuit unit with analog circuit technology for data collection, once the module is designed as a module, then the corresponding connection interface to complete the transfer of data communications and information.

    When the circuit module layout, one need to pay attention to the clock circuit and crystal oscillator circuit through the shortest path to reach the goal of discipline, on the other hand, pay attention to avoid data line when the clock trace, to prevent interference affecting the system stability.

    When walking the line, we need to protect critical traces, such as clock generation circuit, crystal oscillator circuit, whether copper protection, whether the protection ring, are generally in the design will be protected for the crystal part is need to dig copper processing .

    Second, deal with RF circuits.

    Smart bracelet when using a mobile phone needs and linkage, therefore, radio frequency section is a key part in this part of the design, we must pay special attention. Smart bracelet is now available in the market are based on nothing less than the Bluetooth wireless data transmission, so focus on that the Bluetooth radio processing. If the smart bracelet just for data transmission without the need for transfer of sound and music, then the low-power Bluetooth is the best choice, in the design, Bluetooth antenna shape, antenna placement, intelligent bracelet shell materials are affecting intelligence an important factor in the performance of hand ring.

    Again, good ESD protection.

    In the previous article I also wrote some of the technical aspects and knowledge of ESD circuit, said today at an important ESD bracelet importance of intelligent products. Different countries and regions of different products or the same product ESD requirements have different standards, in order to make the product through the relevant testing, designed to be ESD protection design, after the design is complete but also for ESD testing to ensure by product electronic detection adapt to local markets.

    Finally, the reserve system upgrade interface.

    A smart bracelet feature upgrades are convenient for the user or smart bracelet fanatic has important significance. Now smart bracelet software upgrades are usually two ways: via USB interface and a wireless push method. As to which approach is required in the pre-planning and planning is carried out to determine the hardware and software.

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