PCB Board Price Tide Gradually Receded Hoard Goods Were Panic

- May 05, 2017-

PCB board price tide gradually receded hoard goods were panic ... ...

According to a number of enterprises to reflect, from about April, the basic supply of sheet metal has been able to meet the production, the price has dropped accordingly, after "cash to line up may not be able to get the goods," the kind of dreadful phenomenon Disappeared.


All in all, once massive, lethal strong price tide, and now showing the wind gradually stop, the waves of static scene, those who have been suffering from the price of PCB industry, and finally can slow down to breathe, drink tea.

And in sharp contrast with them, is the stock price during the entire period of hoard goods, no bottom line unlimited price increases of sheet suppliers.


In the industry a crying sound, they had cold eyes, stressed the high price of those who have. Now the price tide gradually receded, and their high-end shelves suddenly drop out, and store the goods into the need for a shot of the "bottom of the basket." All of a sudden they are panic, four dispatched, sold around, but ran around.


"Recently, they are a lot of clerk who came to talk to us that they have the goods, the price can discuss, but we do not want to talk to them again, when they completely disregard our situation, blindly increase the price, completely beyond our tolerance , To the last direct do not give us supply, let us chilling.


The boss of a PCB manufacturing company talked to the author about one of their sheet suppliers.


"They have been so hard for so many years, and now the opportunity to stand up, up the price, it is normal, we understand, but they are endlessly through this opportunity to rise particularly high, and even clearly do not sell goods, thinking about hoarding , We can not afford to make such a partner. "

Oversupply, the price; in short supply, prices. This is the natural development of the market, no one can control.


However, if the intention of taking advantage of the momentum of the price to stir up trouble, sit from the price, hoarding odd, will be fellow people to abandon, it will be the market back bite ... ...


Hope the circuit board industry, more common grams of the storm of sincerity, less mercenary map of the cold, so that the industry more healthy and healthy development ... ...

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