PCB Board Component Placement

- Mar 28, 2017-

PCB board component placement
Although Protel DXP layout automatically, but in fact in the design of PCB component layout is almost done manually. PCB board component layout generally follows the following rules:
1, a special component placement
Layout of specific components from the following aspects:
1) High-frequency components
Connection between the high-frequency components as short as possible, try to reduce electromagnetic interference distribution parameters and mutual connection between the components can not susceptible to interference too close. Distance affiliated with input and output between the elements belonging should be large enough.
2) an element having a high potential difference
It should increase with a high potential difference from the elements and the connections between the elements in order to avoid accidental damage to short-circuit. In order to avoid the occurrence of creepage generally require copper film line distance 2000V should be greater than the potential difference between 2mm, if a higher potential difference for the distance should increase. Devices with high voltage, you should try is disposed in the commissioning of the reach of hand.
3) The excessive weight of components
Such elements should have a bracket, and for large and heavy, more heat elements should not be installed on the PCB.
4) heating and thermal element
Note that the heating element should stay away from sensitive components.
5) You can adjust the element
For potentiometer, adjustable inductance coil, variable capacitors, micro-switches and other adjustable components layout should consider the structural requirements of the machine, if the machine in the regulation, should be placed where the PCB is easy to adjust, if the adjusted outside the machine whose position corresponds to the position of the knob on the chassis panel.
6) The board mounting hole and bracket holes
You should set aside the mounting holes and bracket mounting holes of the PCB, as close to the hole and the hole is not wired.

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