PCB Analysis On Market Supply And Demand

- Aug 27, 2015-

General area to measure HDI PCB industry market demand or production capacity. According to mobile phones, digital cameras, e-readers and laptops demand can be calculated between 4.7055 billion square meters in China's HDI requirements. The supply side, judging from China HDI manufacturer's capacity, though some manufacturers have invested in expansion, but overall, HDI capacity can not meet the rapidly growing demand in China. According to CPCA statistics, mainland China HDI production capacity is about 3.5 million square meters.

However, the HDI capability is not real effective supply. A prominent feature of HDI boards supplier in China are foreign-funded enterprises (including Taiwan) dominant foreign companies set up factories in China are Chinese forces costs low, passive selection of environmental stress, is an extension of its production capacity overseas, so the customer groups with foreign background color intensity, most of their capacity are reserved for foreign customers. Therefore, the actual supply of HDI is far lower than in the country of 3.5 million square meters. According to statistics, the HDI the Chinese domestic supplier's total capacity is about 650,000 square meters.

So, domestic market HDI real of "effective supply" very insufficient, reasons is: first, industry integration of efforts in increased, part strength not strong of PCB enterprise will gradually exit market; second, PCB suppliers concentrated degrees in improve, market threshold greatly improve; third, customer quality requirements more demanding, scale small of manufacturers in funds, and development strength aspects cannot meet more value quality of multinational customer of needs.

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