PCB 3D Printer Dragonfly 2020 Exhibition In The United States

- Mar 04, 2016-

While DragonFly 2020 is only suitable for the production of circuit board sample, but for product developers, it is an innovative change in Simon Fried opinion, DragonFly 2020 as the size of a multifunction printer, the user can put on the table, in the office will be able to quickly create a sample board. Within hours you can print out the four layers, and even up to 10 layer boards with conventional circuit board manufacturers to trial it may take several days or even weeks.

In addition to saving time and production costs beyond, Simon Fried also said that product developers will be able to make their own board samples can be avoided by the design of more secret trial circuit board manufacturers may occur leakage problems.

Lower DragonFly 2020 3D printer brings together the precise inkjet deposition system, advanced chemical nano technology and advanced software to print such a multilayer printed circuit board rapid prototyping costs, print more quickly. "Our goal is to produce a system can be placed on the desktop, the system can print high-quality, high-resolution, full compliance with industry testing standards, and can be manufactured in small quantities multilayer PCB. Excellent mechanical design, advanced software, chemical and nano-head management, all of these factors together make it a reality. "nano Dimension, chief commercial officer Simon Fried said.

With SolidWorks three-dimensional design software, Composer and PDM software, DragonFly 2020 3D printer realized from product design, accurate 3D drawings to actual production, in SolidWorks help, DragonFly 2020 3D printer has an impressive appearance and user-friendly interface.

Currently Nano Dimension printing technology can reach 90 m, but this still can not reach the current level of industrial production levels. Simon Fried expressed, DragonFly 2020 located at the PCB prototype and small production, not manufactured for industrial production, because the current high cost of the silver conductive material used, is not suitable for volume manufacturing.


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