Orbotech Showcases Innovative Solutions For PCB Production At The CPHI Exhibition

- Mar 17, 2016-

OFweek Electronic Engineering News: This week, displaying the latest digital production solutions on ORBOTECH LTD CPCA exhibition will be held in Shanghai, China. In this exhibition, the company will debut its Sprint 200 text printing systems and Ultra Fusion 200 AOI and Ultra PerFix 120 AOS system in North China.
The company will launch a new Nuvogo 780 DI (Direct Imaging) system on the CPCA exhibition. Nuvogo 780 specifically provides for multilayer and HDI PCB manufacturers optimized solutions, even with traditional photographic film, but also to meet the needs of manufacturers of a single imaging costs. The system uses the company's advanced multi-wavelength laser technology (MultiWave Laser Technology), enables PCB manufacturers imaging can be performed in a variety of photographic film, thereby providing greater flexibility in production.
Sprint 200 text printing system is Orbotech specifically for PCB production to create a new top-level digital volume text printing solutions can be realized in a variety of substrate thickness and type (including hard and soft board plate) conditions provide excellent print quality. This advanced text printing system is equipped with both automatic and manual modes to choose from, it is a highly cost-effective solution that can meet current and future PCB text printing and serialization needs.
The company's booth will also showcase Ultra Fusion 200, the system achieves a leading AOI (automated optical inspection) performance, the ability to produce precision IC substrates and high HDI of up to 15μm. With powerful multiple imaging techniques (Multi-Image Technology), Ultra Fusion 200 than traditional AOI misjudgment rate decreased by 70%, thereby increasing process efficiency. In addition, Ultra PerFix 120 AOS (Automatic Optical forming) system is also listed on display, the system can appear on high-end IC substrate and FPC production of copper residue defect prototyping, resolution up to 10μm.
Mr. Gaby Waisman Orbotech president of Asia Pacific Science and Technology, said: "PCB application does not mean increased complexity of PCB manufacturing process must also be more complicated this series overall solution PCB manufacturing companies to provide help in improving the quality and flexibility. at the same time increase productivity, and reduce the complexity and cost of manufacturing. "
As China's largest PCB and electronics assembly industries exhibition, this exhibition will be held in China CPCA Shanghai New International Expo Centre March 15, 2016 to 17, invites you to E7 Hall Booth No. 7A52, then we will live demonstration Sprint 200, Ultra Fusion 200 and Ultra PerFix 120.

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