OLED Material Factory Universal Display Big Harvest After The Hurricane Nearly 15%

- May 08, 2017-

OLED material factory Universal Display big harvest after the hurricane nearly 15%

US popular OLED material supplier Universal Display Thursday after the release of the previous quarter revenue, both earnings better than expected, to stimulate the stock jumped nearly 15% after the success of the promotion of 100 members of the club.


     Universal Display is a Samsung OLED panel material supplier, its first three months of revenue to $ 55.6 million, earnings per share (EPS) paid $ 0.22. Contrast analysts had estimated earnings of $ 33.8 million and profit and loss.


     Universal Display CEO Sidney Rosenblatt said, OLED industry trends are encouraging, visibility is enough to increase revenue outlook. Rosenblatt According to the customer to determine the situation, this year's OLED growth rate will exceed the original expectations.


     Looking forward to this year, Universal Display will estimate revenue from the original 2.3-2.5 billion US dollars raised to 2.6-2.8 billion between the conversion rate of 30% -40%.


     Universal Display day in the normal trading session closed down 0.72%, after the financial earnings by the news and boosted 14.94%, tentatively $ 103.28.

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