Ocean King Lighting Two Wholly Owned Subsidiary Intends To Absorb The Merger

- May 03, 2017-

Ocean King lighting two wholly owned subsidiary intends to absorb the merger

(Hereinafter referred to as "lighting project"), it is proposed that Shenzhen Ocean King Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ocean King Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.") is a wholly- : Industrial technology) to the overall absorption of the merger, the merger is completed after the lighting project business, industrial technology, the independent legal person to write off.


According to the announcement, lighting engineering and industrial technology are wholly owned subsidiary of Ocean King Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., the former main business scope, including lighting technology development, sales, leasing; lighting engineering design; lighting, lighting equipment, lighting systems The installation and commissioning and technical services, the first quarter of 2017 the main business income of 16,263.66 million, total profit of 2,590.34 million. The latter mainly engaged in the production of lamps, electronic production and sales (excluding franchise, special control, monopoly goods), the first quarter of 2017 main business income


100.28 million yuan, the total profit of 337,400 yuan.

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