No Light Bulb Can Light Table Lamp, A Cell Phone Is How To Do It

- Jun 15, 2017-

No light bulb can light table lamp, a cell phone is how to do it?

Yes, a lamp called UpLamp has no light bulb, so UpLamp is bright, is the smart phone camera next to the LED flash.

UpLamp Although nothing inside, but as long as the smart phone put up, and open the UpLamp application turned into a smart lamp. UpLamp's development team said that UpLamp is through a unique structure so that the phone LED flash light emitted evenly scattered inside itself, and UpLamp wall has a fluorescent additive, so that the light scattered on the wall finally showing a soft light. UpLamp team said UpLamp application allows us to use the gesture to adjust the brightness of the lights, clapping action skills switch lights, but also in the morning when the alarm clock to activate the nap mode. And if the application to monitor the user has 30 minutes without using it, and so will automatically be closed.

UpLamp addition to a lamp, can also be used as a smart phone base, you can charge when the speaker can be used. Of course UpLamp does not have a speaker, it can be used as a speaker, thanks to the internal cavity can increase the sound structure of the phone speaker sound. Currently UpLamp models are iPhone 5 / 5S, 6 / 6S and Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S7 Edge. Even if your phone is not in the adapter model list do not have to worry about the next single time can pay attention to models, UpLamp company that can create a dedicated adapter for you.

The light did not light this thing has been a serious cause of my attention, at least not to worry about the problem when the light bulb, the feeling seems to have made an incredible contribution to environmental protection tender. But if the UpLamp is on the Kickstarter, then we can get an UpLamp for $ 43, and of course the price is not a little bit more expensive than the average bulb.

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